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Auto Window Tinting

Do you ever get sunburnt on long drives? You don’t have to apply sunscreen. You need to come to our tint shop in Ontario, CA, for auto window tinting! Auto glass tinting cuts down on harmful UV rays while providing extra privacy in your vehicle, making it the perfect solution.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to reduce heat and glare while driving, an auto tint can make your car rides more comfortable.Dark window film can accentuate your vehicle’s paint scheme, making it look great while shielding the interior from outside view. We will gladly show you the different grades and shades we have available, from 5% limo shade to 80% clear shade.

Window tinting is not just done for appearance; there are many practical reasons to tint your vehicle’s windows. A car window tint helps shield UV rays, protects your car’s interior, and controls the heat for a more pleasant driving experience. It also helps to reduce the sun glare from shining in harshly, making driving easier even if the sun is in your eyes. Skylight Tinting does commercial and residential tints alike. If you’re interested in a carbon window tint, you need only visit us today.

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